Our firm is fortunate to have the best of the best in Surfactant and detergent chemists in the industry. Additional PhD Chemists have provided innovative formulation technology which has resulted in a premium quality Detergent cleaning model. Our technology is literally " second to none".

We use the highest quality ANIONIC, AMPHOTERIC, CATIONIC, and ZWITTERONIC surfactant base stock for the ultimate in cleaning compounds. A precise combination of the above results in a CUSTOM SELECTED BLEND of detergent and Cleaning solutions which is perfect for your application. 

The technical description of our custom blended cleaning solutions, would be to describe our Surfactant formulation where the MICELLE values are exceeding the HLB/ LLB balance of the " debris and dirt " adhered to the surface to be cleaned.

The detergent formulation for a bulk liquid tanker, with painted decals, would be different than the formulation for a steel petrochemical pumping system.

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