Our firm is very proud to introduce an EXCEPTIONAL and EXTRAORDINARY GLASS OPTICS and PHYSICS BREAKTHROUGH in which vehicle glass, especially the front glass windshield of trucks, delivery vehicles, locomotive engines, and other vehicles can receive a revolutionary new external coating treatment.


This treatment results in an EXCEPTIONAL NEGATIVE FRICTION CO EFFICIENT WHICH MAKES THE EXTERIOR SURFACE OF THE GLASS EXTREMELY " SLICK AND SLIPPERY " to the airborne impact of many small foreign objects or debris that may have become airborne ( from vehicles in front of the windshield, i.e., ) and headed towards the front windshield glass. 

In our tests, with our SPECIALLY TREATED WINNDSHIELD GLASS, We have found that a great deal of windshield damaging objects simply strike a glass surface which has such a negative surface friction co efficient ( and an extremely slick surface ) that the airborne object " ricochets or skips " off the windshield glass without damage to the glass.

Our firm has conducted a great deal of tests and evaluations in which a large multitude of potentially damaging objects were used in the tests. We conducted tests with lead pellet gun projectiles, copper and lead shot " BB " projectiles, steel ball bearings, small gravel, rocks, and hardened stones from a very wide variety of sources.

These objects were propelled and shot towards an actual Peterbilt front windshield glass at various angles of flight and at various speeds and energies.

Please see coefficient of friction values relative to time and speed.

Please see COF values in addition to Normal Loads.

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